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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: that is so crazy. a professional wrangler was brought in to take it away. he says the gary data was probably looking for a companion during mating season. he thought there might be one in the living room area . bill: that's where all the girls hang out.martha: all the girl gators are in the living room. thanks for being here. see you later. having now starts right now. >> it's lonely being an alligator. jon: ted cruz stealing the spotlight from doll trump the day after losing five primaries to him by announcing carly fiorini would be his running rate welcome to happening now on this thursday, jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. nice to be with you. we know that announcement just another turn, something else happens and it did happen yesterday. president cruz pulling out all the stops ahead of today's indiana primary and now both cruz and fiorini are making the argument the race is not over and that trump
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and clinton are two sides of the same point. donald trump and hillary clinton are virtually indistinguishable in their positions. they are virtually indistinguishable in the fact that they have always been insiders to this corrupt system of crony capitalism and selling access and influence and he cannot be our nominee and if you were to be our nominee, hillary clinton would be our president and that is the future i'm not prepared to live by. jon: let's bring in our political panel. krista venus is former communications director for the john edwards presidential campaign. ron jean, former chief of staff or that senator republican conference. to you first chris from the democratic side of things. ted cruz was talking about basketball earlier this week but you describe this in sort of a football terminology. what is this carly fiorina announcement? >> it's a hail mary. when you are this far behind in delegates, when you are getting wiped out in state
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after state, losing essentially at every demographic, you've got to do something i guess bold and out-of-the-box to change the narrative and so i've never seen it before where you choose your vp when you are this far behind in the race but from his perspective, what else was there to do? stay the course and you lose. try something different, maybe you got a shot. the problem i have is with this strategically, it's far too late. the don't know how this changes the demographic makeup of the republican primary in terms of who is voting and why would it all the sun change those voters moved to cruz? i don't think it's going to work and that's bad news for cruz. jon: obviously ron, carly fiorina had a lot of adherence and a lot of admirers in the party. maybe this does do something to keep donald trump from getting that magic 1237 number. >> that's what cruz hopes he can do, especially in indiana where he has to take away the delegates and donald trump or
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else it's literally game over. he cannot get to, he can only get to a contested convention at this point. he's preventing donald trump from getting there. that's his goal. carly fiorina, she has the qualifications. she also has drawbacks . i think that with ted cruz bringing her in, it shows a sign of weakness that he cannot stand on his own. that he had to throw a lifeline out there, phone of friend. bring in somebody to help him out. i feel like the campaign is being held together with duct tape and tinfoil. they are doing anything they can to prevent it from going down and i just don't see it working. it's only been tried three times in our us history and each time it's failed.
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this is going to be a tough thing for him to pull off. jon: carly fiorina appeared with megan kelly last night and tried to point out that so far donald trump does not have a majority of republican voters. ted cruz on the other hand has received more endorsements from sitting political leaders, take a listen. he has the endorsements of everyone from mike lee and scott walker to jeb bush and lindsey graham. that's a broad spectrum of the republican party. what is also true is the majority of republican voters don't want donald trump as their nominee and the thing is, donald trump tends to win an open primaries but he tends to lose in closed primaries and i thought it was republicans job to elect our nominee. i think the point of today's announcement is to make clear what the choices. jon: i'm reminded of charlie sheen's slogan after he was going throughall that her fall chris. winning. donald trump is winning . he may not have the majority of republican voters yet but he is winning area. >> yes. it's a simple mathematical reality. he's ahead and when you are
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behind you try to rationalize why you are behind and how somehow you are actually winning is just bizarre. to be honest, what's more bizarre is the argument that somehow cruz is a stronger candidate because he has the establishment support in an election year where being anything associated with the establishment is a clear negative area it to ron's point, i think this is indicative of a cruz campaign that literally has no idea how to be trump and i get it. he has been a wild e coyote of a candidate but i'm not sure this helps. you know what helps? try to convince republican primary voters why donald trump should not be their nominee. they have not been able to make that argument. it's really that simple. jon: if that angle is coming down from the sky ron, it's probably going to land in indiana. ted cruz has to win indiana to haveany hope of his strategy succeeding . >> that's exactly right. i think that ted cruz, he's
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doing well in parts of indianapolis but there's a lot of manufacturing losses going on in indiana, especially with carrier leaving the state trump is doing well in the south. actually, doing well in the north also and leading in the polls although it's much more of a tossup. indiana is most likely ted cruz's last stand. it's unlikely that carly fiorina would help even though she's from california and on a california primary, she's not connected to the grassroots activists dates there so i think this is all about stopping trump momentum, adding her into the news cycle and trying to shake it up anyway they can before the end. jon: real quick reaction about trump's foreign policy speech. it did help in. chris you first. >> absolutely not. maybe with republican primary voters that are already convinced to vote for him but amongst general election voters, it's terrifying. jon: and ron, your thoughts? >> i'm on both sides of the
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coin. i don't think it necessarily helped. he didn't give many specifics . he's trying to portray himself as loftier that he can provide a more coherent vision although it's kind of all over the place. it's interesting to see some establishment republicans praising it in a very careful way because they are resigned that he may eventually be the nominee and it looks like he's going to be that. jon: what an interesting year. krista penis, ron, thank you both. heather: who knew carly fiorina could sing ? right now, in the nations capital switching gears. house lawmakers are taking a close look at a serious problem. the reason for the obama administration's release of thousands of criminal aliens eligible for deportation. two congressional keep correspondent mike emmanuelle is live on capitol hill with more on this rate. reporter: good morning.
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tense moments already as lawmakers are asking why over a three-year period immigrations and customs enforcement or ice has released more than 86,000 criminal aliens into the american public. >> there's a whole list of categories there that are hard to public safety including those that commit homicide that you went ahead and released anyway so that law is crystal clear. you are making these discretionary choices and releasing these people out of the public and they are committing more crimes. i don't understand why you don't deport them . reporter: let's take a live look at householders looking over this issue of americans being killed or attacked by the illegal immigrants with criminal records. lawmakers are hearing from families who have had loved ones murdered by illegal aliens. immigrations and customs
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enforcement says in fiscal year 2015 it released 19,723 criminal aliens who committed approximately 54,197 crimes. these crimes include 196 related to homicides, 216 kidnappings, 614 sex offenses and 804 robberies. one issue raised is countries like haiti refusing to take back their criminals.>> to sit there and say that the proud women and men of law enforcement and ice are choosing to release criminals is absolutely unforgivable and they do not go around trying to put criminals on the streets. >> some critics have said the issue is the obama administration being way too lax on the illegal alien issue. they are careful to say it's not the men and women of ice on the frontlines but rather the highest levels of government at fault. heather: it's shocking when you look at those statistics you posted and realized families are affected. thank you so much, mike and manuel live. jon: a fox news alert, vice
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president joe biden just touching down in iraq for an unannounced visit. he arrived in baghdad to issue a message to iraqi leaders and the political infighting and focus on the fight against isis. let's check in with our correspondent kevin court live at the white house. reporter: good day to you. at night visit to iraq for joe biden and his journey comes on the heels of those of defense secretary ash carter and secretary of state john kerry and you get a clear sense then i the string of high-level in ministration visits to iraq the importance not only of assessing the battle against isis but also showing full support for the embattled prime minister. within the hour, the vice president just wrapped up a meeting with prime minister abadi. it's it third visit in five years but he's there not only to assess the battle against isis, he also wants to encourage the iraqis to embrace national unity for a body who had a lot of his plate recently, he won the approval of iraqi parliament for a cabinet shakeup.
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for his part, president obama says now is not the time for government gridlock or bickering. >> you have contact with all the various factions and parties. saying to them they have to take the long view and think about the well-being of the country. at a time when there is still fighting ^ mojo is still under isis control. reporter: national unity is going to be the message by the vice president as well as moment maintaining momentum against isis where the coalition has had success. jon: we will talk more about that battle later on in the hour. kevin court at the white house, thank you. heather: from iraq to new information from the korean peninsula, us officials say north korea fired two intermediate range ballistic missiles that exploded right after liftoff over the past 24 hours.
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benjamin hall has more on this story from our london bureau. benjamin? all right. it looks like we don't have any audio for benjamin but this is the second time this has happened reportedly in the past two weeks we will have more on that. jon: i would not want to be the north korean guy in charge of that missile launch . heather: something is going wrong. jon: you can expect he will have a short lifespan i have a feeling. police searching for a person of interest after a report of shots fired on a university campus. what investigators discovered at the scene plus, the trump campaign reaching out to gop members of congress today. one day after the frontrunners or in policy speech. how is that going? we want to hear from you. you think donald trump's foreign policy speech will sway the republican establishment in his favor? our life at topic of the day, go to to
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jon: time for a check crime stories we are keeping an eye on. the longtime companion of convicted mobster james whitey bulger could be ordered to spend three more years behind bars at a sentencing hearing today. that for refusal to testify about her 16 years on the lam with bulger. catherine greg already serving an eight year sentence for helping bulger while he was a fugitive. two police are looking for a person of interest after discovering shell casings and blood while responding to a report of shots fired at the university of arizona last night. investigators say the man was wearing a chicago bulls hat, white shirt and khaki pants . no reports of injuries so far. and in colorado springs, a judge set to determine whether planned parenthood shooting suspect robert dear is competent to stand trial. dear faces 180 counts of murder, attempted murder and
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other charges and acted to the november rampage. >> the world's most peaceful and most prosperous when america is strongest. america will continue and continue forever to play the role of peacemaker. we will always help save lives and indeed, humanity itself to play that role, we must make america strong again. [applause] heather: donald trump laying out his foreign-policy vision yesterday but will the speech helping and list thesupport of more established republicans? foxbusiness network's blake berman is live in washington. so he promised to pivot policy , a prompter, but is it enough?
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>> here's what i can tell you. i spoke with the top aide to donald trump a little while ago told me they feel really encouraged here about the last 48 hours which is of course the tuesday sweep of the five states followed by the foreign policy speech yesterday. the campaign feels this will bring more republicans into their tent on their side. for example,congressman chris collins was one of the first on the hill to back trump, said on the hill after a meeting with fellow trump supporters that more congressional endorsements are coming . >> the energy is real. the whole country knows donald trump's going to be our nominee. the members are definitely coming on board. there were eight of us that had endorsed donald trump. today we had 60 members in the meeting and others that had other commitments that wanted to come. >> in the meantime there's this. former house speakerjohn baynard jumps back in the mix speaking at stanford university, he called ted cruz quote , lucifer in the flesh and a miserable escrow be to keep it pg. boehner said he could not see himself voting for cruz but he could see himself voting
8:19 am
for trump. there were certain republican skeptics of the foreign policy speech yesterday. former presidential candidate lindsey graham and jim gilmore among them. heather: not mincing words. blake berman life for us in washington, thank you blake. jon: a manhunt underway in texas for convicted felon who escaped from jail. we tell you who may have helped him with his getaway. plus, charges dropped against a teacher who later married his student. a judge rules his wife must testify but she never turned up in court so why drop the charges? legal panel weighs in. >> you shouldn't have to go far
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of dallas. officials say 47-year-old mckeever's make it made it out with help from his mother and his girlfriend. deputies arrested the women overnight in connection with the escape. mckeever is considered armed and dangerous, might be driving a red chevrolet cobalt. anyone with information should call 911 or the band's aunt county sheriff's department, 903-567-4133. heather: charges dropped against an x teacher from alabama accused of having sex with a student who he later married. matthew western and amy cox got married after she graduated from high school while charges against western remain. charges surfaced about whether cox could testify because she is now his wife. the judge ruled he is not protected byspousal privilege because she is the victim in the case but on wednesday, the charges were dropped . for more on this let's bring in andy williams, an attorney and fox news contributor and
8:24 am
wendy patrick, the trial attorney and prosecutor. thank you for joining us. wendy, give us basics first of all. why was the case dropped? >> the case was dropped because it could be proven with the evidence that was available so heather, you point out privilege. what's interesting about this case is it's true alabama as a privilege, you don't have to testify against the spouse but not if one spouse is a victim so here the victim says i do but i don't want to testify. that's a problem. the judge ruled she had to testify legally but you can't find her and that was the reason for the dismissal. not because legally her testimony would be admissible but the practical problem that we don't know where she is. so if you ask for continuance, it was denied and that's the reason charges were dropped. heather: let's take people back to the circumstances surrounding the marriage, how she became a spouse. that would be questionable.
8:25 am
i don't know makes any difference but this teacher married this girl who was 18 at the time but when all this happened he was married to someone else so he divorces that woman, 67 days later then marries amy cox so have any, that doesn't matter? the question that perhaps something weird was going on here? absolutely i think that timeline was very suspicious to all involved alabama house spousal privilege, most do and the reason we have is to protect the sanctity of marriage but with a timeline like you described, he was married at the time, divorced, they got married after he was already indicted on charges related to the new bride, all that puts the spousal sanctity into question. so i think the judge got it right to say hey, you can't be protected by that privilege but yet again points out the notice
8:26 am
requirement, the subpoena has to be served. she has to be compelled to come to court and provided notice. that still holds true and the judge felt that book, the district attorney had an opportunity to serve her at a previous hearing and say hey, you have to come to court . we are getting notice now and they failed to do that though the judge said hey, you can't prove your case. you can't meet your burden, i'm going to dismiss. heather: no other evidence wendy would reach that level that's needed? >> that's a great question because there are many cases which the answer would be yes. some cases can be proven circumstantially through forensic evidence, other witnesses but the problem when you are talking about the very personal crime of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sex with a minor as we have in this case is almost need the person there who is the victim. not always but most of the time and mindy and i have both been in court and
8:27 am
offered a judge's adverse ruling when it comes to asking for more time. that was the problem here and that was the reason, because a jury had already been seated so now we are talking about double jeopardy issues. this was dismissed with prejudice.heather: that means, ebony that he will be not be incourt again, this cannot be brought up? >> that's exactly right, that's a protection for the defendant in this case. you can't be brought up on these same charges again and i thought it was interesting and wendy, i think you will agree based on your experience. normally when it's something that can be remedied , there's a way to correct service in this case and get the subpoena to the victim but the judge here said you know what? i'm not going to give you another bite at the apple. i'm dismissing with prejudice. heather: we are going to move on to this other case. new information about this washington state couple, they are presumed dead. heather located them, two brothers they are now on the run. they are wanted in connection with the couple's death and now court documents indicate one brother tried to cash a big check on the same day the couple's car was found abandoned. those brothers also reportedly involved in a property dispute with a couple so this check, it was a $96,000 cashier's check. part of the evidence that is
8:28 am
now being used to stack up the case against john reid and tony reed, the brothers involved against this couple that has disappeared and are presumed dead. wendy? >> heather, you heard the phrase mother money talks. this kind of money speaks volumes about a lot of different things in context. maybe it wouldn't be a big deal were it not for the leading felons actually being in possession of this check shortly after they had been at least accused of murder so here's the timeline for your viewers in this case. basically the couple went missing. these brothers he came under suspicion then we get a series of events that in and of itself looks suspicious given the fact they are accused. first of all, nobody, no problem legally but to the jury, motive matters and that's why we have somuch evidence we are hearing about
8:29 am
the fact these brothers did had a motive and are slowly being tied both forensically and here you see circumstantially to having committed the murder . heather: previous to this 2014 march of that year, there had been a landslide in the reed brothers, their property was condemned by the government but this couple, they still lived next door to the property and they complained that the reed brothers, at least one of them were squatting on that property that had been condemned so that was causing a problem right 70? that connect and certainly wendy is right around the financial incentive that we can project onto this thing and that's a very powerful and compelling motive in a lot of cases but these missing bodies of the two victims here does prove a big problem still because when you don't have the bodies, there are so many unanswered questions from prosecutorial standpoint. you can't prove cause of death. we don't have bodies and that opens up a wide opportunity for the defense to argue all
8:30 am
terrier theories around what happened to this couple and that's going to be a big hurdle for the prosecution. heather: even though you have a lot of evidence already of blood apparently found in multiple locations when they searched the truck . they searched the property. detectives finding that already along with this check they intended to cash. >> that's circumstantial and you're right, wendy pointed it out. it's compelling but if on the defense lawyer i'm going to stand up there and say despite all of this circumstantial evidence, how do you directly connect the dots my clients went again, we don't have a body. we don't know truly if these people are even dead that's going to be the compelling argument from the defense and we don't know the cause of death . heather: we hope they are but amy and wendy, thank you for joining us. >> thank youheather. jon: republican candidate ted cruz going all out to try to win indiana . our next guest says that state primary is his last chance. why cruz's alliance with john kasich could work and slow the trump train.
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looktry align probiotic.our digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. be on fox news is america's election headquarters with presidential candidates hitting the hoosier state and its primary next tuesday. donald trump leaves the publican polls in indiana as he works hard to clinch the nomination there. ted cruz within striking distance while john kasich is laying low after his plan with isis to divvy up the states. our next guest, josh is says
8:35 am
is cruz's last hope writing in the national journal, gop nomination fight is going down to the wire and indiana is the only contest left that could go either way. every little shift matters. josh kraut, is here politics editor at the national journal. josh, what do you think? does this effort by cruz and kasich to blunt trumps momentum, doesn't stand a chance? >> if the alliance between kasich andcruz is extremely awkward . it's had a rocky road along the way. the reality is the antitrust majority in indiana and it's an antitrust majority as we seen with election results in the midwest, trump has gotten between 35 and 40 percent of the vote in every recent
8:36 am
midwestern state. ohio, wisconsin, illinois, you name it. he's been in this narrow band. he has put together majority yet and if you combine that kasich and cruz vote there is a pathway where they can forge together a winning number in indiana. the problem is that kasich hasn't necessarily been on message in terms of talking about the strategy as much as ted cruz has the one ted cruz speaking right now in fort wayne. we want to listen in. there you see his new weekly announce running mate, carly fiorina. let's isn't listen in for a moment. >> an incredibly successful business leader who started as a secretary and crime the corporate ladder to become ceo of the largest technology company in the world . the first female ceo of a fortune 20 company in history. carly has spent her whole life shattering glass ceilings. and in naming a vice presidential nominee, that may well boast the be the most solemn and serious announcement a presidential candidate has. you look for someone who is
8:37 am
prepared to do the job from day one. the most important job of a vice president is if the president is incapacitated to be prepared to step in and leave the country. to be prepared to deal with the challenges facing america . the economic challenges, bringing jobs back to america. you want to nominate someone who has the knowledge both of our domestic economyand of the world to do the job . someone who has the judgment. someone who is measured and careful, not hotheaded and rash, not popping off at whatever the latest twitter storm is but instead who is a serious leader we can trust to be commander-in-chief and keep this country safe and you want someone with character. you want someone who is honest and trustworthy, who can be counted on to fulfill the promises made to the american people. all of us are furious with politicians. jon: it appears we've lost our audio link to that carly
8:38 am
fiorina, ted cruz event in fort wayne indiana. he described this as a scavenger hunt or delegates. can ted cruz, if he wins indiana, can he prevent donald trump from waltzing to the gop nomination? >> it would go a long way to preventing donald trump from getting that magic number of 1237 delegates. it wouldn't guarantee it but if ted cruz on indiana against the odds right now it would change the momentum in the race and the math in the next month and a half is headed towards more cruz friendly states. where heading westward where cruz had his best performances in this present presidential contest. takers and it needs to win indiana first although the race is all but over donald trump will be all but declared the nominee but if cruz wins indiana he has the momentum.
8:39 am
he has valuable delegates , 57 delegates at play and he can look at california as the real final stop where he can deny trump the delegates he needs . jon: i was surprised that john kasich agreed to lay down his arms in indiana to let ted cruz have the state. he's governor of ohio, the state next door and there are a lot of similarities between ohio and indiana. why did he make that decision? >> he realized the obvious. the only way he had that slim chance of becoming the nominee and a contested convention is if trump doesn't have the delegates he needs to win outright on the first ballot so if kasich can't be the nominee, he probably will be considered for running mate unless he can stop trump, and denied trump what he needs . jon: >> ultimately they need to team up in the short term for the long-term interests. jon: a lot of people as you know observed that john kasich may be a good running mate for donald trump he will have leverage trump doesn't have the delegates but needs kasich's delegates to put him over the top.
8:40 am
you won't have much leverage if trump already has 1237 and has the nomination sewn up before the convention. jon: so even if he wants to be a vice presidential run running mate, the best way to do that is to prevent trump from winning the nomination outright? a little bit. this is all about strategic, short-term interests and long-term strategic interests and there's no way trump wins the nomination, he has the delegates needs before cleveland, there's little leverage that cruz, kasich or any of the other health have in the process but if trump comes in with the most delegates but just needs kasich's delegates or rubio's delegates or the uncommitted delegates, there's wheeling and dealing taking place in the . jon: what a chess match. josh krauthammer. thank you. heather: still to come, signs that bernie sanders may be wrapping things up with the dismissal of hundreds of campaign workers but what will become of his passionate supporters? zulu-6-9er...
8:41 am
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heather: we are america's election headquarters and with new signs that bernie sanders might maybe be ready to call it a day. his campaign laid off hundreds of staffers after losing four out of five primary to hillary clinton tuesday and watching his path to the democratic nomination practically vanished. sanders is cutting his staff from more than 1000 down to about 350 so the question is, what is his endgame here? let's bring in lauren lofton, a host for news networks and simon rosenberg, founder of that they take in the end and a former advisor to build bill clinton's campaign. thank you for joining us.
8:45 am
simon, i will start with you. what do you think his endgame is? >> i think he's been saying the last few days he wants to do everything he can to influence the direction the democratic party is going in now. he knows it's going to be tough for him to win but it's important to realize how well bernie sanders did. he got 45 percent of the vote so far. 45 percent of the pledged delegates whereas ted cruz for example has only gotten 30 percent of the vote and 30 percent of the delegates. bernie sanders is in a strong position now to try to direct the party as it goes forward. both at the convention and beyond and i think democrats are going to have to listen and learn and try to absorb but we will have to work to do it. heather: speaking of those people, 25 percent, at least one poll i saw, 25 percent say they will not support clinton and it is on bernie to make clear that it is critical they do so but he doesn't seem to be willing to do that yet. >> what can he do at this point? he's effectively lost the nomination. he can perhaps still have some influence although i think simon's optimism about bernie having a big influence on the convention ignores the power of the clinton machine. they will be running the show. i love the delicious irony
8:46 am
that bernie sanders has always talked like a socialist but he behaves in a campaign like a plutocrat. he raises hundreds of millions of dollars on the promise he can become president which we knew from the beginning wasn't likely and when he decides to catch workers aside, he dumps them by the hundreds because he says we don't need them anymore. when big private companies do that, bernie sanders and hillary criticize them for setting workers and just dumping them by the side of the road but this is exactly what bernie sanders is doing. by the way, this is the same guy who complained hillary is only willing to go to a $12 national minimum wage but guess what senator sanders paid his interns when they are campaigning? $12 an hour and when he doesn't need them anymore they get a pink slip. heather: what about that money he has raised? he has outraised written for 213straight months now . claims the average donation is $27 but in the month of march alone he raised the $4 million and that was a monthly record for him so
8:47 am
what happens to that money simon? >> well, he will spend it all down but i think what's more important is what happened to the people who gave that money, the millions of people who showed. i think that's what i said earlier. i think democrats have to take a step back and recognize that what bernie sanders did was pretty extraordinary. all those things you guys are describing, he came close to winning that thing. he built an unprecedented fundraising machine. he was a limited figure and candidate so clearly we have to learn from what they did and try to absorb these voters. what's really important is young voters, there are more young people in this electorate than any other cohort so it means for the democrats, these young voters are our future. we got to pay attention, listen and do everything we can to earn their vote and bring them in the party and make sure we are the majority this fall.
8:48 am
heather: how does clinton do that? is there any way possible, she continues to remind us that currently her voters, she has a 2.7 million vote lead over bernie sanders at this point. she says that far exceeds the biggest lead that barack obama ever had over her. >> heather, i have to tell you there's a problem that secretary clinton has and that is she primarily appeals to people my age. now i don't like her has a candidate because i don't like her policies but he appeals to older americans like me on the democratic party side of the aisle and the second problem for simon is, historically millennial's don't turn out to vote. the 18 to 25-year-old group turns out about 15 percent of the time. heather: that's why they say it's up to bernie sanders to tell them what to do and he is not willing to do that yet. thanks for going us, i have to let you go but that was great. thank you. jon: we told you earlier texas senator ted cruz is going all out to try to win indiana. he is appearing there with his newly announced running mate, carly fiorina.
8:49 am
let's listen in. >> if you like what john boehner and nancy reed have done donald trump is your guy. let me reveal a little about how washington works. boehner comments, he said something like he's the worst sop i've ever worked with, something like that. well there was that too. the interesting thing is, he says i've ever worked with. i've never worked with john boehner. the truth of the matter is, i don't know the man. i've met john boehner two or three times in my life. if i said 50 words in my life to john boehner i'd be surprised and everyone has consisted of pleasantries, good to see you mister speaker. i've never had any substantive conversation with john boehner in any respect.
8:50 am
and indeed, this is something that's not publicly known. during the government shutdown , i reached out to john boehner and i offered to come over and work with the speaker. can we resolve this and actually get something meaningful done to stop the disaster that is obamacare question mark john boehner's response was i have no interest in talkingto you. what possibly could be accomplished by having a conversation? no, i will not meet . so when he says i'm a sky he's ever worked with, he's never worked with me. the thing to understand about washington and actually boehner comments reveal something that is wrong with washington. when john boehner calls me lucifer , he's not directing that me. he's directing that you. what boehner is angry with me for is not something i've ever said to him. what boehner is angry with me for is standing with the american people and
8:51 am
energizing and encouraging house conservatives to stand with the american people and actually honor the commitments we've made. what boehner is angry with is that conservatives said if we promise to reveal obamacare let's actually stand up and fight obamacare. what boehner is angry with is that we said if we promise to stop amnesty, let's actually honor our promises and stop what boehner is angry with his we said we promised to stop the debt that is bankrupting our kids, let's do something meaningful to honor those commitments. if we promise to keep this country safe, let's do something real to stop president obama's misguided plan to bring tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees into this country who may well be infiltrated with isis terror. what boehner is angry with is the american people holding himaccountable . imagine what the aggregate is that because the corrupt system that boehner and hillary have been enmeshed
8:52 am
with with four years, funded by donald trump, trump is writing checks to boehner, writing checks to hillary, funding the corrupt system. it is unaccountable to the people and what made john boehner mad is that i lead a movement of the people to hold washington accountable. donald trump is playing a part or playing a role to use the word of his lobbyist campaign manager, pretending to be an outsider.donald trump is the ultimate washington insider. he is a lobbyist who has gotten rich exploiting government power to hammer the little guy. to hammer working men and women.donald trump pretends to be tough on immigration. he's the only candidate was had a $1 million court judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens. he pretends to be tough on illegal immigration. he's the only candidate who right now hires hundreds of foreign workers in his swanky florida hotel because you won't hire american workers. he says americans are willing to work as waiters and waitresses. he's abusing the system right now to take advantage of american workers while
8:53 am
pretending to be siding with american workers. donald trump told the new york times editorial board that everything he said on immigration is alive, that he doesn't believe it. he's not going to build a wall. he's not actually going to do for anybody. the new york times has it, they should release it. donald won't let them. they said they need dolls permission to release it. if donald didn't say this, he should want to take released. it would exonerate him but it wouldn't. he said the same thing to the new york timesthat his lobbyist campaign manager said. that the impact of that , we are tired of politicians who don't tellus the truth . >> john kasich has told voters in indiana to vote against you. miss fiorina just last night called for kasich to drop out. what'sshaping this alliance?
8:54 am
>> i recognize the media is eager to talk about an alliance. there is no alliance . kasich and i made a determination where to focus party energy, where to focus our assets. where to focus our resources. kasich and i, john kasich is a good man, he's an honorable man. we disagree on a number of policy issues that i'll tell you where we do agree. we agree that hillary clinton as president would be a disaster and we agree that nominating donald trump elect hillary clinton. that donald trump may be the only person on earth hillary clinton can be and hillary doesn't only beat donald, she beats donald by double digits though john kasich made the decision in his own political self-interest to withdraw from indiana and to go compete elsewhere and that was a perfectly reasonable decision and listen, i would make it very explicit outreach to the people in indiana who are supporting john kasich. if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the president, if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee which makes certain
8:55 am
hillary becomes the president i ask for your support because we can only win if we unite and my object from day one is to unite the party. it's what carly and i are doing together and we unite and win this nomination, we win the presidency. >>. [inaudible question] >> listen, it is not surprising that donald trump attacked hillary for being a woman. donald has a problem with strong women. this is not subtle, it's not complicated.he has a real problem with strong women. it's one of the reasons he cannot win a general election. and you know, there's an irony to that. the cause before donald was pretending to be an outsider , when he was, to use donald old b& it's a 1953 porsche. >> donald trump was the establishment.
8:56 am
that's his own words. back when he was pretending to be an outsider, donald was funding hillary clinton, writing check after check to hillary clinton. donald trump contributed twice to hillary's presidential campaign. that means all trump believes hillary would make a good president. he wrote checks to help her become president. donald trump described hillary as one of the best secretaries of state in history. i think hillary was a disaster as secretary of state. that the obama clinton foreign-policy didn't work. so now you got to remember, donald trump gave over $100,000 to the clinton foundation. remember all the scandals with the clinton foundation, the pay to play? those are scandals donald trump understands very well because he's been part of the corruption. it was striking when john boehner was attacking me and praising donald trump, the other person he chose to
8:57 am
praise was hillary clinton. if you like john boehner, speaker of the house he's made clear hillary clinton or donald trump are both acceptable. he said hillary clinton had talent but that guy cruz who does what he says, he's terrible. that conveys everything you need to know. you know, there's a reason why hillary clinton and bill clinton came to donald trump's way. donald and hillary are flip sides of the same coin. it is the washington corruption and i think the people of indiana want a positive, optimistic, fresh newcampaign . based on leaders who will do what they say and will fight for the men and women of this country. my top priority as president is jobs and economic growth. we will bring manufacturing jobs back to the state of indiana. >>. [inaudible question] >> the number one priority of
8:58 am
hoosiers is saying economic growth again.we look for example at carrier leaving indiana, going to mexico. that is a manifestation of the failures of the obama clinton economy. it's a direct result of failed government policy and actually, carrier is a good illustration of the difference between carly and me on one side and donald trump and hillary clinton on the other.donald trump and hillary clinton respond to something like carrier by saying we are going to punish carrier. we're going to use government power to go and punish the corporation. we are going to use force. that's what obama does as well. that's what big government liberals do. the use government power to punish anyone who response to the policies driving the jobs overseas. i think that's exactly backwards. as president i intend to use government power to punish american citizens, american companies, american job creators, that's not the role of government to be a bully and punish.
8:59 am
the recent carrier moving those jobs overseas is because the obama administration has driven carrier out of america and this is why it is so important we have a debate. it's been 48 day i think the people of indiana deserve a debate. jon: texas senator and republican presidential candidate ted cruz appearing with his newly-announced running mate, carly fiorina, in fort wayne, indiana, making lemonade out of some lemons. last night john boehner, the former speaker of the house, described ted cruz as lucifer in the flesh. cruz, as you heard at the top of those remarks, said he never worked with john boehner and linked him with nancy pelosi and said if you like the way those
9:00 am
two who have run washington, you would like hillary clinton or donald trump as your republican nominee. so the politics are getting very interesting. heather: it is a tough world, for sure. jon: we'll see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ sandra: this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, kennedy, megan mccain and today's #oneluckyguy, i don't know, we might be the lucky ones on the couch, veteran trial attorney arthur aidala is here, and he is outnumbered. well co., sir. >> i'm outnumbered and on a very special afternoon -- sandra: what do you mean? >> i am honored to be here. i am absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, honored to be between the four of you today on a vy


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